Friday, September 5, 2014

Goin' to the chapel

My husband's (aka Mr Crunchy) uncle is getting married soon and our three daughters will get to participate in his wedding! Mr Crunchy's uncle and fiance√® have requested that all of the great-nieces wear solid white dresses and that all of the great-nephews wear white shirts and khaki pants. How adorable is this going to be, right? All of those little kids (because it's a BIG family) lined up next to the bride and groom!  But, holy crunch, do you know how hard solid white dresses are to find? Ridiculously so. We recently ran all over town looking for said dresses, only to come up wanting. Enter, Matilda! Who is Matilda, you may ask? Why, she is my beloved sewing machine, of course! I purchased three long sleeved solid white shirts and two and a half yards of lightweight muslin and set to work to make t-shirt dresses. As I began measuring, the big girls specified that they wanted maxi dresses, so maxi dresses it is! I love making t-shirt dresses, they literally take less than 30 minutes per dress! There are dozens of tutorials out there, but the gist is to cut your shirt about three inches down from the armpit and use 1.5 to double the measurement of your child's hips in fabric in width, and your personal preference in length. Gather your fabric and pin to the shirt, stitch and add a sash. Tra-la! Some people serge the hem, but I use a traditional hem since I don't own a serger. After the wedding, I plan to trim the hem with a burlap and lace ribbon, add a coordinating bow to the front of the sash, and shorten the sleeves, adding a ruffled cuff that will make the sleeves 3/4 length. I may even add a ruffle at the neckline. These dresses will then be our holiday dresses, as I prefer non-traditional colors for holidays. I simply feel like they get more use out of them that way. I really love when I come across a project that is so simple and quick! How adorable do they look in these?!

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