Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Laundry and dishes and--stop arguing!

After lunch today, I pick up a very sleepy baby and snuggle her until she is lulled into dreamland. After I am sure that she is down for the count, I inform the big girls that they should be quiet or else and I frantically begin to do a few chores. In the space of less than twenty minutes, I start a load of laundry, prep the next load, fold all of the laundry on the couch, aka the laundry holder, and unload/reload the dishwasher. I'm feeling pretty good about myself and about to tackle the living room floor when one child notices her big sister playing with an item that belongs to her. This item inspired a huge fight that Mr Crunchy had to deal with before he left for work, so I am super irritated that it is once again the reason for discord. As I am approaching the bedroom to reprimand the girls, Crunchy #2 lets out a huge scream of frustration towards Crunchy #1. Awaken Crunchy #3. Awesome. My "on a roll" has come to a screeching stop. The bigger girls are sent to clean their room while I snuggle Crunchy #3 back to sleep. I am now trapped beneath a sleeping baby and the kitten who adores her, unsure if I should be frustrated that I can't complete my tasks or happy to be snuggling. No matter, I've accomplished some housework, at least and she won't be a baby forever. ♡ To the mama out there reading this with a sleeping child on her lap and a house that looks like a FEMA disaster, you are not alone.

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