Friday, September 12, 2014

Junk today, repurposed tomorrow...or later

If you are like me, you are a major procrastinator. No? Okay. Don't rub it in. Now, I don't procrastinate on purpose, mind you, somewhere along the line of cooking supper washing socks, "mom, can I have another glass of milk", completing the day's school work, "please go to bed, mommy is tired", fall into bed routine... it just gets lost in the cobwebs of my brain. I fall asleep thinking, "oh man, I really wanted to craft that today...*snore*"

You've been there, right?


We have a tv stand that started as a cabinet when we first got married, eight years ago. In the plethora of moves, this poorly crafted (read: cheap) cabinet became less and less sturdy. The wardrobe portion that surrounded the tv and had doors on it became very, very wobbly. About two years ago, I asked Mr Crunchy to remove it so the crunchies wouldn't hurt themselves. Surprisingly, the stand itself remains quite sturdy, despite the enormously heavy tv that used to call that stand its home! Rest in peace, Hernia Maker. Next to go were the two drawers. They just did not hold together anymore and were difficult to open, not to mention nigh impossible to shut. So, I decided that I would remove the drawers and we would measure and cut wood to lay into the empty spaces and have shelves instead. Do you think we've done that yet? I hear you laughing, you have projects like this, too. I know you do. When I dismantled the drawers, I was surprised to find that the bottoms of these drawers were made of very thin wood. Holy crunch, I could repurpose them! Imagine my giddiness, imagine my unbridled glee! I already intended to repurpose the drawer fronts, now my possibilities were endless! So endless, in fact, that they leaned up against the wall. For months. And months. Mr Crunchy kept asking when I was going to put them to use and I would shoot him the look because I just had not had the time. I hear you laughing again, crafty mamas and frustrated daddies. You exchange this legendary "look", as well.

Well, today I can proudly announce that those cast off items have been put to use! Mr Crunchy is so pleased and excited to see that I have finished something! I am so proud of this project! I really love how everything turned out. My original plan had been to add grout powder to the paint and create chalkboard paint, but regular old trusty craft paint works fantastically without it--yippee!

Once drawer bottoms, these have become lovely chalkboard "shutters"! I haven't decided fully, but I think that they will find a home flanking the living room windows, hence referring to them as "shutters". I  also really love the bunting, I think it is a nice touch. Why are some pictures in the yard and others inside, the former being well lit and the latter being poorly lit? Simple, really...I ran out of paint and had to finish after Mr Crunchy came home from his night class and the children were in bed. Then we were gone the entire day the following day and today has been delightfully rainy, which doesn't typically lend to great photos. See? It's not like I try to procrastinate, it just...happens. Let's dub this accidental act "procraftinating".

Anyway, the top of the tv stand has now been painted a lovely minty aqua with teal and berry colored arrows painted in the bottom left hand 
corner. I also used Psalm 127:4 along the bottom edge to finish it off. I really love the finished product and I'm quite sorry to say that I don't have better pictures.


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  2. I refuse to call it procrastination when there are littles involved! Just delayed projects. I love how those turned out!