Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Birth of Something New

Many of you who know me know how passionate I am about birth in every aspect. I love attending them, hearing about them, processing placentas, seeing birth pictures in all of their raw and gritty glory, and even giving birth myself! I have attended two births already this year and have a third on my calendar due in the next two months. I am finishing a placenta encapsulation today and my third birth will also include a placenta encapsulation. Placentas were never something that I intended to get into, but I quickly became aware of the need for an encapsulator in our area and...well...see a need, fill a need! Encapsulating last night and this morning, I realize that I love processing placentas, as well! When I text the owner of today's placenta asking for permission to use pictures on my blog or Instagram, it hit me that a great way to bring birthy awareness to the women of our community is by featuring the women that I serve on my blog! Each mama that agrees will write her birth story/placenta experience and be featured in a blog post. Some mamas may feature pictures, some may not. I really look forward to this new venture as a great way of documenting the amazing families that I work with, as well as sharing these lovely families' stories with any of you who read them! Stay tuned for some amazing stories!