Sunday, August 31, 2014


There are two kinds of darkness in this life.

The first one is comforting. It is the sort of darkness that envelopes you in a welcoming and soothing way. It is warm, soft, and cozy. You feel as if someone (the Father) is wrapping you in a fur coat and protecting you from the elements, from wild things that purpose to bring harm to you. This is a safe place.

The second is unlike it in every way. The second kind of darkness is cold and lonely. There is no comfort, no reassurance here. It is dark and cold, an unforgiving place. There seems to be no end to this space and this lends to the crippling fear that clutches your heart. This emptiness is so profound that you aren't even sure if there is a floor. You begin to fear that you are merely resting on a pedestal suspended precariously above an eternal abyss. You get the sense that you may be mere inches from the edge of this pedestal, but your fear grips you so tightly, that it paralyzes you and you are too terrified to stretch your fingers out and feel for the edge, so you merely huddle in your precarious place, quaking and shivering with fear. You have no idea how large this expanse is, the silence seems to echo in the emptiness, lending even more to your terror. Your heartbeat seems to vibrate your body, its pace fast and hard. You are vulnerable. You are alone. You are without hope.

I don't know about you, but I have experienced both places of darkness, one soft and warm, one empty and cold. But there is good news if you are in the place of emptiness: God wants to pull you into His warm fur coat and carry you to safety. His footsteps are solid, but soft. If you listen, you can hear him approach. Do not be afraid of His touch, He doesn't mean to scare or harm you, but to being you into His arms and carry you to safety.

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